Open Positions & Research Opportunities

Open opportunities:

  • ART Lab Student Internship (2024-25)
    • We are now recruiting student experimenter to work with the ART lab research team.  Candidates shall be:
      • Cantonese speakers
      • Major in Speech Language Pathology
      • Passionate in aphasia or neuroscience research
      • No prior knowledge in neuroscience is required
    • Hours requirement: Student Interns: 30 days in total
    • Work schedule: At least 1 full day per week (flexible)
    • Students from ALL universities are welcome to apply however priorities will be given to current HKU students.
    • If you have further questions about the role, please contact Mr. Chester Cheung at


  • Experiential Learning Programme in SLP clinical exposure in Mainland China (2024-25)
    • This is a collaboration with Huashan Hospital affiliated with the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, Shanghai
    • Cost: Traveling expenses (i.e., return air-ticket and local transportation) and hotel accommodation will be covered by Prof. Kong’s Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant.
    • Clinical exposure: Students will gain hands-on experience in adult hospital settings in Mainland China, focusing on Mandarin-speaking cases with neurogenic communication disorders.
    • Collaboration with local SLP students: Participants will work alongside Shanghai SLP students to develop appropriate assessment and management strategies for native Mandarin-speaking patients.
    • Caregiver training: Students will provide support to patients’ families by offering caregiver training in Mainland China.
    • Educational talk/workshop: Under Prof. Kong’s supervision, students will share their knowledge and expertise with local clinicians in Shanghai by delivering presentations and leading interactive sessions
    • For supervision enquiries, please email Prof. Anthony Kong at


  • Research Postgraduate Students
    • Prospective research postgraduate students in the coming academic year can refer to the websites of Education Faculty and Graduate School to learn more about Ph.D. and M.Phil. application procedures at The University of Hong Kong. For supervision enquiries, please email Prof. Anthony Kong at


  • Student volunteers
    • Students who are interested in volunteering in the ART Lab will work closely with our in-house researchers and speech therapists on large-scale projects involving assessment and/or intervention of Chinese speakers with aphasia in Hong Kong. Successful applicants will be trained on developing assessment materials, conducting aphasia testing and data coding, as well as assessment and intervention experiments. For enquiries, please email


  • HKU Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Project



Previous opportunities:

  • Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Programme 2021-22, HKU Horizons:
    • Yannis Yan-Ling Cheng (Summer 2022). “Examining discourse deficits in speakers with acquired communication disorders and proposing expressive arts therapy in traumatic brain injury recovery