ART Laboratory

The Aphasia Research and Therapy (ART) Laboratory is affiliated with the Unit of Human Communication, Development, and Information Sciences (CDIS) at The University of Hong Kong. Established in 2022, it supports research in the following areas:
  1. Chinese aphasia and rehabilitation;
  2. mono- and multi-lingual neurogenic communication disorders in dementia, traumatic brain injury, and right hemisphere damage;
  3. discourse-level production in aphasia and its analysis;
  4. intensive and comprehensive aphasia program (ICAP);
  5. neuromodulation and technology-based intervention of acquired language impairments;
  6. normal and aging aspects of language production; and
  7. community support to caregivers/families of people with aphasia.
The University of Hong Kong
Human Communication, Development, and Information Sciences
7/F, Meng Wah Complex, Main Campus, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 3917-1567
Fax: +852 2559-0060 (To: Aphasia Research and Therapy Laboratory)




「失語症科研及治療實驗室」附屬香港大學「溝通、發展及資訊科學 (CDIS)」於2022年成立。實驗室的團隊專注於以下領域的研究:

  1. 中文失語症與復康;
  2. 認知障礙症、創傷性腦損傷和右腦損傷的單語/多語神經源性交流障礙;
  3. 失語症的篇章會話產生、損害和分析;
  4. 密集和綜合性失語症治療 (ICAP);
  5. 非侵入性腦刺激技術改善神經源性語言障礙;
  6. 語言產生的老年變化;和
  7. 對失語症患者的照顧者和家庭的社區支援。


電話: +852 3917-1567
傳真: +852 2559-0060 (致︰失語症科研及治療實驗室)